Ferrara Law Group, P.C.

With a combined 50 years of complex commercial litigation as its backbone, the Ferrara Law Group enters the legal marketplace well-equipped to address its clients’ growing needs.

The unique feature of the Firm is its business sense and ability to effectively represent its clients in court and, often more frequently, keep them out of court.  The Firm focuses on business related issues and can assist many small to mid-size companies as both an efficiently priced outside general counsel as well as fully capable litigation counsel should such matters arise.

With the readiness to be that “hired gun” when needed, the Firm also specializes in everyday business questions and making sure the implementation of the solutions result in continued smooth business operations.  The Firm’s founders have rejected the “big firm” way of treating clients and know that there’s a place in the legal market for a firm that puts the client first.

Located in the historical district of the New Jersey State Capital, Ferrara Law Group has started its own tradition of quality legal work, effective decision making, and creatively appropriate client billing solutions.